Creating an Article. What Has been your best Incubator? *POLL*

What Do YOU think the best incubator is?

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Aug 1, 2020
Middle of somewhere
Hey Everyone! So I’m asking a huge favor of you guys, and it would help me so much if anyone that can, will join in, even our staff, mods, etc. if they want.

I’m in the middle of creating a new article and I need your input for it! I’m wondering what your opinions are on the best incubator there is. There is a poll above, where you can choose. If you want, select an option, and tell me why you think it’s the best.

I will include most incubators I know of, but please, do tell me if there’s one I should add! I will need up to 20 entries in the poll, so let me know if you think of more.

whoever’s hatched before is welcome:D:jumpy. I hope you like the article when it’s done!:wee
So let’s get voting.

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