Creative feeder ideas needed! Help!


Mar 16, 2019
Altoona, IA
Has anyone come up with any feeders that chicks can eat from but not mice? I have Grandpa's treadle feeders for my flock and they work perfectly but I live surrounded by fields and can't keep mice out of my barn or garage.
I am also surrounded by fields. I can’t keep the mice out of the detached garage but I have worried about them. They stay away from the chickens because the chickens will eat the mice.
The chickens will eat them during the day. ... but the mice will run all night ignored. I just don't want to pay for food to feed a population of mice...or encourage more into my garage!
Sounds like your brooder needs to be mouse-proofed. We have a brooder on wheels, all solid sides except for the top, which are hinged lids with wire. A mouse could not ge through the wire it is 1/4” HWC. We also have a barn cat. All our feed is in metal cans and we sweep regularly. We have poison bait stations (closed to other animals) around the barn, near potential entry points. We do get some mice in our barn, but a population hasn’t established itself, so far as the access to any food is very limited.

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