Crele cuckoo, Golden cuckoo,gray cuckoo orpingtons for sale


7 Years
Jun 30, 2012
I have several orpington juvies and newly hatched chicks im selling. these are beautiful birds. Im pricing them very modestly. I do ship. I have them from 2 weeks old to 12 weeks old. I sell trios,quads etc of the older chick juvies. and when I pull out for a trio I make sure to get a diversity of the colors of that breed of orp to keep your barring strong and not fade over time when breeding like you see that happens to alot of cuckoo orps. these are from Bob 's original imports and are very very nice. I also sell hatching eggs. the pics are from the adults my chicks came from and then a few pics of the chicks but the pics dont do enough justice to these birds as they are the most vibrant ive seen in color. shipping on newly hatched chicks runs 35-65 depending on weight and includes price of box. older juvies run about 65 to 85 depending on qty and weight and includes box price of a new horizon box. if interested message me and we can discuss what ur looking for and if I can help. if your wanting eggs its 15 to ship and 150 dozen. or 75 for 6 eggs to hatch. the chicks str run range from 25.00 each to 125 each depending on what ur wanting. or trios and quads from 75-200
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