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Jan 15, 2010
I've really been enjoying learning a lot about chickens on this site. Here is something I've been wondering about lately...
I've noticed that on some crested breeds, you can see the eyes and faces of some birds, and not on others. For instance-

On this Polish, the face and eyes are clearly visible.


On this one, it's all poofed. No face.

Same with these silkies-


Only beak!

Is this mainly a matter of "bearded" vs. "non bearded", or are the feathers trimmed? The silkie with a visible face especially seems, at least to my newbie eyes, to have a beard. Plus it seems that the feathers obscuring the faces of the others are coming from the area just above the nostrils and in front of the eye, vs. the throat area.

While I'm mainly interested in Bantam Orpingtons, Ameraucanas, and Wyandottes, I've considered adding a polish or silkie... if I can see the face! I know many prefer the full poof, but I think I want to be able to look my chickens in the eye.

Thanks for any help!
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It's partly a function of bearded vs non-bearded but it's also a function of quality. The Silkie with the face is a very poor example of the breed.
Yeah, it is actually about quality. If the bird has a face you can clearly see, it is poor quality. If its face is nicely and evenly hooded with feathers, it is generally good quality. Take Houdans and Sultans for example - about 90% of all of them in the US have visible faces, because just that percent are hatchery-quality, and have hardly any crest feathers.

The only reason you can see their faces so well is because they don't have as many feathers. Oh, and you showed a rooster in the first pick - Roosters generally should have less feathering there, even in show quality, only because their comb holds the feathers back.
Thanks for answering.

It was mainly the Polish roo that has me most intrigued with possibly adding a crested breed to my future flock. I really like the tribal headdress look he has. Plus I think having the face visible must be easier on the bird as well, being better able to see around them. So a hen couldn't spot the same look then? Dang!
Well, about Polish and "seeing¨ - We have a hatchery quality Silver Laced Hen, and she can see pretty well, but still has a really good amount of feathering on her head. Her only problem, most of the time, is when it rains (which, it rains almost every day here. . .) her crest is seriously droppy and hangs over her eyes. Its horrible. But otherwise, she can see. Our White Crested Black Polish, on the other hand, can't see very well at all, regardless of weather. Sooo, what we do to help that is either tie the front of their crests up like this:


Or just clip the feathers near their eyes, like this:


Both work, and both of these photos are the same girl. During the winter I tie the feathers up for her, and during spring I clip them in the front, nice and tidy, so she can see but doesn't look too awkward.

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