Crevecoeur I think??

May 22, 2020
It has taken me days of searching the internet, but I think this little guy I named Pipsqueak (he was always and still is the smallest), might just be an endangered Crevecoeur? Age 10 weeks and 4 days, crows every morning and evening, or when he sees me and gets so excited. He is from a mixed straight run at TSC.


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He definitely is a Crevecoeur totally looks like one!!
Thank you, it's nice to know I wasn't losing my mind on this one. I just couldn't understand how on earth, I got such a rare chick from TSC. I had to remove him from the flock, along with a Welsummer female, they both were so little, everyone else wanted to kill them, got tired of the blood and they didn't deserve that. But they seem to be very happy in their own little world together. They are both doing wonderful now. Thanks again for the feedback!
I have a 9 week old crevecoeur
Do you think its male or femaleView attachment 2236823View attachment 2236824
It's really still very early to be 100% certain, but I do also see the start of the V comb protruding.... so I would assume Male, but wait and see. I dont have any personal experience with a female, only a Male. So I can't be certain yet. Does it exhibit any Male tendencies yet? Either way, I would try to spend time daily with the bird, mine was very sweet even for a roo. His new family adores him, and he has his own flock now to continue this endangered breed. :)

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