Cricket and friend.


12 Years
Apr 21, 2007
SW Florida
I wanted to update everyone on my quail adventures. I hatched 2 quail out of eggs I got from the Jan egg swap. One of the 2 disapeared, I think the cat got it. So I was left with one lonley quail.

I happen to have a hatch of cochin chicks a week after the quail hatch. I took the smallest of the chicks and put in with the lonley quail and they bonded. Not only have they bonded but the chick is totaly in love with the quail. It defends it from me every time I try to pick it up. So here is Cricket and it's cochin buddy.


pretty choco tux. Is that from Spooky? I never got my eggs from her I wish I did
. I think it was your choco tux pic from when it hatched before that made me swap with her on the crazy chain, but no eggs.
Yes that's the eggs I got from Spooky. I was hoping to get some more but she seems to have fallen off the Earth. I was suppose to send her some more of my cochin eggs as none of her's hatched from the swap.
she supposedly went into surgery and came home then went back for pain managment. However she suposedly sent out my eggs before her surgery as wel as other peoples eggs she owed but no one got any. I would loooove to have some just like yours right there! If you ever get more i'd love to buy some hatching eggs from you

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