*cringes* got buttons today, but..


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11 Years
Nov 4, 2008
I got two button quail at auction today, they're supposed to be a pair, one of thems head is torn to crap

all of the feathers and skin on the top of his head has been torn off
will it be ok??, I will check them in the morning, but it looks like the other one or maybe another button got hold of it??, I can get pics tomorrow
males grab the hens heads there so it's either from over mating by a ruthless male or it's from headbonking.

Separate her and let her heal she should heal
They can heal from amazingly disgusting headwounds.
One of my males completely scalped one of my other males, but he survived. They grew up together and were fine until one day there was ne skin left on one of their heads!! It took him about 2 weeks, bu the healed and now he has his own women in another cage.
Since you got them at an auction, and buttons are so spazzy, I would think it was due to head bonking, rather than an attack. I would seperate them to be safe though, at least until that one heals.
well, this morning both are fine, they're running around and eating,

I will get pics later today

if it helps anyone with sex, one is bigger than the other, and the biggers vent feathers are the same color as the rest of it.

the smaller is the one with the head injury, and it has a white bib on it's neck, I havn't checked it's vent feathers.
One of my dorky whites sliced its face open last week. Not pretty.
Their skin is so delicate, and they're such total spazzes about everything. Just keep everything clean and try not to stress them too much, and they should be fine.
then it sounds likea bonk wound from the male not a fighting wound. Poor booger they are such a skiddish bird so it's no suprise really. He shold be fine with time. If you have pictures that'd be great. Off of the discription though it sounds like youhave a hen (bigger one all the same color) and the roo with the booboo withthe bib. However bibs dont always mean roo...and also not all colors are the vent feathers rust colored on males like blue faced etc. However this sounds like a wild colored pair to me i fi had to guess off of this discritpion lol!

Is the big one brown with blackbarring and tanish areas? Is the smaller one blue, rust colored with black baring and a nicely defined bib with bold black around it? If so sounds like a wild pair

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