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So we have a few unplanned members of our flock and maybe those of you with disabled chicks can share pics as well. I belong to a Geese as Pets group and they shared some pictures of adult hens with this problem. These chicks were spared a beheading and I took them in from their original rescuer who didn't really want them, but couldn't see them being killed either. They are Rhode Island Reds and I am unsure what they are as far as sex goes as they are St Run. We named them peep pip and pop. Each one has what appears to be a broken leg. My husband thinks it is a birth defect but I read that is can happen when they hatch wrong from the egg. I am going to try and attach pictures

They are about 4-5 weeks old now, we took them in a little over a week ago. They are doing just fine.



have you tried to rehabilitate at all?

I had a chick whose feet were curled up. I taped them and the flattened out. Also, I am taping a spraddle leg chick too.
Is it still possible to fix it? (considering their age)

I sometimes have a few that hatch out disabled.I feel so bad and I feel like its my fault they hatch this way.

Anyone know why some chicks turn out this way?

Many who have been hatching for decades say that the humidity was probably too low when they were hatching.
Which makes me even more guilty because I could have done better.
we have 1 buff silkie with bad spraddle leg -we've been working on him for a month-not getting any better:-( we have 1 3 week old EE that was born with a broken leg-its curled up and cannot be used-we tried chicken PT for a long time and it wouldnt budge. so we named it "L. Dan" from Forest Gump--he uses his other leg to hop and he can fly and is doing well- not as big as the others but we watch him closely to make sure no one picks on him and such...good luck
I've got a little silkie with the same ailment as yours. I hatched her/him, and has been like that since day one. She/he gets around just fine, just like her siblings. I was worried at first, but she put my fears to rest. Good luck with your new little ones
Thank you all!

They were about 3-4 weeks when we got them.., I tried the spraddle leg treatment of hobbling them together and they acted like it was the end of the world. They just layed down as if all hope was lost for a few hours. I know babies need to eat and drink frequently so took of the hobble and they jumped right up and started wobbling around eating and drinking. They seem to have overcome the disability by compensating with one of their wings. They use it as a human would a crutch. They ARE very healthy and peep and eat and happy. They are living with my Geese in their seperate pen right now and will probably remain with the Geese throughout. I am not sure by the time they grow up and can go in with the rest of the flock they will be accepted. I probably WILL try it , but keep a very close eye on things.

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