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    Apr 10, 2013
    I have had a little bantam rooster that developed a crooked beak. I kept en eye on him this spring and summer as he grew up and merged in with the older flock, and he has managed well. He is able to feed himself from the food dispenser and drink water too. My worry is as we approach the winter season he will not survive. He is unable to close his beak and his little tung is always exposed, Will it freeze leaving him to starve to death ? If anyone has had any experience with this problem please submit any advice. I live in upstate NY where temps get well bellow freezing in the dead of winter. Some cold snaps can get to -20* . He is in a 8x8 coop with 8ft high insulated roof (not walls) with 12 other birds. I am sure this building will insulate the bird from wind but I am concerned for this little guy as he is about to endure his first winter.
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