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    Quote:Thanks! I know it has been a long time since you posted the photo, but a few hours ago I had a chick hatch and his/her toes are curled under. I did a search for how to fix it, and I found this. The photo is wonderful and really helps me understand how to do it. Hope my little chick makes it. It hatched two days after all the others and came from a very small egg.

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    I'm glad it can be fixed, but I must say, those little chicken shoes are adorable! It looks ready to go tap dancing!
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    i have a d'uccle that has a crooked toe shes almost a month old. what can i use on her since she has long think foot feathering (on outside of leg and middle toe the crooked one)
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    Thank God I found this tread!

    I think my little guy here bantam americana (not sure of spelling) would benifit from this treatment. Foot is still flexible. not I gotta see what I can come up with for material and see if I can help . [​IMG]

    any tips?
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    I found my 1 month old EE with a crooked foot tonight. It wasnt like this yesterday when I gave them baths (...they sure can get poop everywhere!!). I inspected all the chicks feet because they've been going outside & because I hadn't really looked at them before & wanted to know how each other their parts looked incase something ever went wrong. Can I make a splint for her? or wait a day or two & see if it straightens out?
    i may have duct tape but I know I have bandaids & pipecleaners for a splint.
    thanks to anyone who responds
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    In stead of bandages use vet tape instead.
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    If it was my pullet, I would tape her toe right away for the best chance of straightening it out. While I've used wound bandages to do it, I find they stick together almost too well, making it difficult to remove (to check progress, for example) - and neither she nor you will enjoy that part. Instead, I prefer elastic bandaging tape, like Vetrap.

    Here's a thread with more info on crooked toes that you may find helpful: It's possible for toes to be straightened, so good luck!

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