crooked toes - can they still be splinted in 11 day old chick?

Discussion in 'Raising Baby Chicks' started by wahmommy, Sep 28, 2012.

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    I just realized the day before yesterday that my chick has crooked toes- they kind of curve and the toes roll to the side instead of staying straight. I tried splinting with pipe cleaners yesterday, but not sure I did such a good job of it, so today I tried just medical tape shoes. Even with putting her toes right on there and making sure they won't move, I find that they are twisting a little bit as the claw is facing the side not down- although the toe itself is straight. Not sure what to do.. I feel bad as I think it was low humidity that may have done this to this chick, so my fault. I know that she or he will be fine even with crooked toes, and I'm not planning on breeding or anything but if I can fix it I would prefer that. Just don't know if I'm putting the chick through stress for no good reason (for instance, if its too late to try and fix them, most people fix them at a couple of days old).

    I posted this in another forum (injuries, emergencies etc.) but didn't get any answers so now I am reposting here. Anyone done this? What was your experience?
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    I'm not sure what the time frame is for splinting the toes. I'd say give it a shot as long as you're not hurtung the chick trying. Might take a little longer as the bones are a little harder now.
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    HEY YOU!!!

    Never had this problem, but I have few great links that may help out! There are in Article

    CHICKEN ORTHOPEDICS ~ (I have these saved in my favorites for hatch)

    Curly Toe Paralysis - Deficiency of riboflavin. Add milk products like yogurt.

    Perhaps you can research this area too?
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