Crooked toes on a 6 week old.. splint ideas?


Oct 13, 2014
Hi I could use some ideas.... I have a faverolles with crooked toes on both feet, she is 6 weeks old. She was the last to hatch and had been stuck in the egg (she hatched day 25) I tried to splint them when she was younger but every attempt failed, whatever I tried usually dropped off. Her toes are bent to one side (not curled underneath) she manages fine, runs, jumps, eats and drinks just fine and has no problem keeping up with the others however I would like to make it more comfortable for her and try to straighten the toes as I’m sure she will be unable to roost. Does anyone have any ideas on how I can splint her toes? What I could use etc, obviously she isn’t a tiny chick anymore so it will have to be something somewhat robust.

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