Crop, brooding, or nearing her end


In the Brooder
5 Years
Jun 1, 2014
I have a 8 month old Wyandotte that has an enlarged crop. It has gotten worse so we came to the internet for solutions. We tried withholding food and water as well as massaging the crop. She went into the nesting box and refused to come out. She hisses, pecks, and growls if we try to disturb her. I let her be, thinking that she may have become broody. After 2 days in the nesting box I finally chased her out to examine her and her crop now looks like a swinging pendulum. Please keep in mind she's been in the nest for 2 days (on no eggs, and not laying) with no food or water (of her own will). Today the other hens started laying eggs under their roosts because she won't let them near the nesting boxes (there are 3). Could she be brooding and it's a coincidence that she also has a crop problem? Or is she sick and using the coop to hide?

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