Crop issue continued FYI


Mar 5, 2018
I am new to here and couldn't fine my old posting to update. I lost my hen but wanted to share what I learned to others dealing with same issues. Originally found my hen crouched down feathers puffed, hiding. Her crop was full of fluid. Set up cage and started my research what to do including posting a help here. Not a lot of responses. Well I noticed a lot of people out there with same issue. I did everything I read here what to do for crop issues.Had my chicken in a dog cage three weeks. At first when I found her, she was so full of fluid she puked on her own when caring her. After researched I , messaged her 15 minutes three times a day.fed her scrambled eggs with coconut oil, stool softener, and monastat for yeast infection. I took a fecal to the vet for checking for worms. Came back negative. I made an appointment with vet. She puked her felt her crop couldn't feel any issues of blockage. There was a lump of something below her vent. She had me give her poultry antibiotic. A week later she looked great, crop down in size but still not normal. She started laying eggs. I was happy to see such improvement. I tried the bra since I new her crop was so stretched out. She had that off within an hour. After the last I had her I had went to change her bedding from the night I noticed shed didn't poop all night. I fed her normal scrambled eggs with medicine.
I messaged but noticed her crops where full again. I went at noon for messaging, saw she was puking in cage. I grabbed her to message but she started to puke like a hose, I was completely covered and couldn't stop it. I ran out into the yard with her to let her finish. Well she wouldn't stop vomiting. I tried to lift her up but it didn't stop. So put back down and saw these small like corn on cob strings but color of spaghetti. I pulled these out of her mouth not sure if they came from her air way or crop. She couldn't breath and died. I felt bad for trying to bring her up to breath but should of let her finish but at the same time pulling these strings out of her mouth. My daughter saw the whole thing happen. Thanks to this site I found a forum on worms and found a worm called hair worm that will infect their crop as well as air intake. Reviewing her past, I did collect worms for a treat when she was under two months old but never again. she is confined in a large run. I am suspecting the dried worms I give as a treat, that they are actually caring the hair worm in hibernation form. I will never give them this treat again. There seems to be a lot of issues with hens lately with crop issues. The best thing to to is worm them not to listen the vet fecal test. I learned the hard way.
I seem to be dealing with the same issue. I'm so sorry you lost your girl. Mine did test positive for hair worms. She has been treated, but I'm having trouble getting her crop to empty. It seems that I'm doing all of the same things you were doing ... massaging, feeding eggs, coconut oil. I have considered Monistat, but I don't think there is a yeast issue yet. I found a very informative post that lists a concoction of ginger, cinnamon, and cayenne. He swears by it when given three times a day. I'm going to give it a try. My sweet buff, Debbie, is like a lap cat. I'm so worried about her. If you have any advice to give, please send it my way!

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