crop issue or no?


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Feb 1, 2013
26 week old speckled sussex with enlarged crop. She is acting fine and when I massage the mass, it isn't hard. I know I need to check her tomorrow and see if her crop is empty - and if it is not, isolate her and take her off solid food and try olive oil and/or molasses - but is there anything I need to do today or tonight? Anybody willing to guess from the photo below one way or the other whether it's likely to be a problem?

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If I had to guess, that is a crop that had a ton of food in it, stretched, and is not shrinking fast. Did you notice her pigging out recently? I see this in cornish Rock X birds. It should shrink soon, but if not, it could have no effect, or it could get a yeast overgrowth, and possibly kill her.
I haven't noticed anything, but they did get leftover bread as treat today and I just switched out their litter yesterday. I use grass clippings, and although they never seem interested in eating them, I suppose it's possible. But, it feels like it's full of grain when I massage it.
I isolated her in a dog crate so she can't access the feed, and put a dish mixed with molasses, olive oil, ACV and water in there and a few meal worms to make it appealing. She also has access to plain water with ACV. She can scratch in the dirt for entertainment, but hopefully not find too much to eat. Fingers crossed, it's gone tomorrow. Any other feedback welcome.

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