Crop Issues -but can't figure it out -can you help? :)

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    Oct 27, 2013
    I have our 8 month old Red Sex link in chicken ICU...large dog crate in our laundry room with a fan on her (cuz we're in PHX and it's still 84 in the house. :) ).

    Saturday morning (yesterday) I let her out of the coop at 6:30 am and immediately noticed she was "off". Already panting..wings out..face, comb & wattles super bright red.and she wasn't interested in food at all. Watched her poop a teeny bit..then she layed a very thin shelled white egg (she's a brown layer).

    brought her inside to monitor her. She ate and drank like normal, but very little poo-ing going on. and what she did, was runny.

    This morning, Sunday, she was acting normal but her crop was full (soft and squishy)...I let her out in the run with her flock anyway...she was acting fairly normal and eating..but noticed her laying down more than usual...checked on her a few minutes later to find she had laid a rubber egg.

    Brought her back inside.

    She is FEISTY.

    But not pooping.

    We left her alone for about 3 hours so we could go to church...her crop was more hard than soft. Her face, comb, and wattles are still bright red. We've been massaging her crop a few times a day and she let us give her several ml of warm water/oil. I gave her about a TBSP of plain yogurt which she gobbled up.

    Is there anything else to do to help her? Should I be doing something else entirely? This is only the 2nd real sickness we've dealt with (first was Tuesday -our Buff Orpington was stung by a scorpion) I feel so helpless and ignorant!

    thanks for any help/guidance you have!
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    Aug 30, 2014
    Maybe you can try giving her apple cider vinegar too.

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