Crop issues please HELP!?!?

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  1. NataleeL

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    Jun 23, 2016
    I've read and I've read and I've read and I just don't know what to do and need someone to give me some advise.
    One of my EE's has been lethargic, tired, and over all miserable throughout today. I noticed when I'd go to pick her up she would drool and gurgle.
    So I brought her it and green smelly vomit came out everywhere.
    So I read and followed what I read... which was to massage her crop and try to help her empty it. Which I did by holding her downward in small short sessions. At first a lot of liquid came and toward the end a green sludge.
    She is miserable and falls asleep in my arms. Won't walk. And has no interest in anything.
    Her crop is soft and squishy, I feel no firmness at all.
    Please give me something I'm so lost on what to do for her and all I read is conflicting...
  2. Louise Waffles

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    Feb 1, 2017
    Look here. This may be helpful.
    If your chicken won't drink on her own, you can crop feed her fluids.Once her crop is cleared out and she's hydrated, she'll feel better.
    Best of luck, I hope she feels better soon.

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