Crop questions


7 Years
Jul 14, 2012
Northwest Ohio
I was just reading about impacted crops. At what age does this become a problem? My hens are almost 8 weeks old. I was giving them some baby grit but I haven't been doing so regularly. Should I be on a constant basis? They are in their coop and run now.
8 weeks old are pullets. Any chicken I have ever had that got an impacted crop were older... a year or older.
That may be because I feed the babies chicken starter until they start laying. I also limited the amount of free ranging the babies get to do. Chicken hawks are an issue in my area... so the chickens have to be physically big enough that they are not easy targets for the chicken hawks.... I don't know if these two habits are why I have never had an issue with it until the chickens are older...

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