Crop Stasis-Vet Treatment


7 Years
Oct 28, 2016
So my Remington has been having issues with her crop not functioning properly for the last 10 days. First it was not emptying completely overnight, to now become sour. I've treated her with everything from Monistat, to fennel tea, and even Fluconazole prescribed by a local vet, with no luck.
Took her to an Avian specialist in St. Louis, who examined her, x-rays were taken..
Her digestive tract is imflammed...and he believes that her Uterus is imflammed, due to a bacterial infection.
They are keeping her overnight and started her on Sub-Q fluids along with antibiotics. Dr. feels very optimistic with her recovery. I will keep everyone up to date with her recovery, hopefully we can learn something from this that will help those in the future.
They are going to call me in the AM, to let me know how things are going.
Update on Remington . So, she has been at the vet since Saturday with sub-cutaneous fluids and antibiotics, with no change.
Today, we decided to do surgery to see what was going on in her crop. They removed some tar like substance, grass/hay, and some grain. They then flushed her crop and stitched her up. They gave her 40cc, of what they call "critical care" and will re-assess her in the morning. The vet said there was no way she would have been able to pass the stuff they removed.
He feels very optimistic about the surgery, but will know more tomorrow. The good thing, was that through this whole ordeal, Remington has been a real trooper, acting like a normal chicken whose crop was not draining.
I will keep everyone updated when I know more. Please keep Remington in your thoughts!!
Best wishes for a speedy recovery! One of my girls had sour crop, was active and still eating and pooping. Her crop was soft, squishy but became larger and pendulous. I took her to the vet school to be seen by avian vet and opted for surgery. Her crop was impacted with mostly grass! She spent 1 night at the vets she recovered quickly and has not had any trouble since. Surgery was almost 1.5 years ago. Picture below: 2 days after surgery in her ‘hospital room’, second picture this summer. Violet is on the left
Hope all goes well with your girl too


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I am having a similar problem. Now reading this I think that I’ve made my decision to go ahead with surgery for Grace. Thank you so much for posting it has given me hope!!!
Glad to hear this. Yay, Remi! I have a girl with a crop issue who is wasting away (she's lost about a third of her body weight). I have a feeling crop surgery may be in her future. May I ask what it cost?

So, her being there a week, with 24 hour care, x-rays, surgery, the whole works...and she could have came home on Thursday, but we wanted them to keep her a few extra days just in case, was around 1300.00 which I put on my Care Credit with no interest for 6 months.
Ouch.. I know, but she is worth it.
Oh, wow! Yes, that's a lot, but it cost over $650 to have my hen in critical care just during one work day and have IV fluids, plus abdominal drain and lavage. Then she had two Suprelorin implants at over $300 each, plus a couple other vet visits at $100 a pop or whatever it is. Her EYP ended up costing me about $2000 and it only bought her about six months.

I may inquire about cost with a couple avian vets about crop surgery. However, this morning things are looking a little better.

I'm so glad for you and your hen that you had the means to do this for her! Enjoy her!:love

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