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Dec 13, 2017
Mass Hilltowns
This poor thing...let me name it Bug.

It was hatched from some of out bantam eggs, as a friend was testing his incubation skills over the summer.
This is the only chick we got like this with over 6dz eggs hatched for us, thankfully.

Somehow, chickie is able to eat and drink so far. I honestly don't recall how old it is, would have to look through my texts. I'm thinking nearly 6 weeks. Mom "Beetle" is a super tiny bantam, one of our favorites, both bantam Roos are equally great birds.

Bug is extremely trusting and friendly. I really do not wish to cull if I can help it. Bug greets us when we enter the coop, as it is small enough to fit through the brooder fencing (oops.)

I imagine Bug will need continuous beak maintenance. What is best way to trim?
Beyond trims, what can I do to aide Bug in proper feeding?

Or, is this simply going to create misery for Bug and I should cull it? Can bug live a good life?



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Jul 29, 2013
Cleveland OH
My experience is despite deep bowls and wet feed crossbeak chicks always fall behind the others in size, which tells me they're suffering. But that's just my experience.

If you're going to try to keep this chick around, eating and drinking is going to be a good sign of if they can make it. To encourage eating, choose a high nutrient feed, make it wet (like fermented feed) and serve it in a super deep bowl.


Sep 22, 2012
This is more severe than just a cross beak as the entire lower jaw is dysmorphic.
Sadly, this condition will get worse as the chick matures and there is no cure.

Your little bug will need a deep dish well filled with high protein feed and I would trim his beak regularly.

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