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    Oct 28, 2008
    I have a Ameracauana (hatchery called him that believe he may be EE) that since he has grown to nearly adulthood has developed a crossed beak.. not severe.. he is able to eat, crow and carry on merrily.. I am not finding a whole lot on this.. somethingn about tendons..any suggestions. He came from a legitimate hatchery and upon closely examining them as they grew never noticed this problem until he is big now.. I think unfortunately he just produced unexpected and hidden chicks with my black silkie hen and hoping this genetic flaw is not passed on from him..
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    Aug 8, 2008
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    Cross beak can be genetic, can be incubation problem, can be early injury or late injury. If he is maintaining his weight- great. Do not be fooled by a chicken trying to eat and making vigorous eating motions- check his crop at night to make sure he is able to fill up, and feel his keel periodically to make sure he is getting enough to eat. You at some point may need to start trimming his beak (a dremmel tool works great) to keep the upper beak from overgrowing and curving down too much and dislocating his lower beak, and the lower beak growing out too long. Usually trimming every 2-4 weeks works well.

    All you can really do for the little mixes are keep an eye on them and take beak action if they develop cross beak. If it turns out to look genetic- I would consider separating the roo from the hens so he cannot breed. The silkies can be very sneaky about brooding

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