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    Nov 21, 2015
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    We are thinking of hatching some chicks from some of our roos before we sell most of them. We are mainly going for eye candy. Any advice on genes or experiences crossing any of these breeds would be appreciated. Note: we are also breeding pure breeds, but wanted a couple of crosses to spice things up.

    Our Hens:
    Standard- gold laced wyandottes, blue laced red wyandotte, EEs, jersey giants, barred Cochin, buff orpington, houdans, golden campine, buttercup, egyptian fayoumi, speckled sussex, white americauna, lakenvelder
    Bantam- buff Brahma, gold sebrights, silver sebrights, Black breasted red OEG, Light brown dutch, white laced red Cornish, black tailed buff japanese, black tailed white japanese, blue silkie, black silkie, black Spanish, quail d'Anvers

    Our Roos:
    Standard- sumatras, jersey giants, houdans, golden & red pheniox
    Bantam- gold sebrights, silver sebrights, silver duckwing OEG, white laced red Cornish, grey japanese, Black spanish, Blue & Black quail d'Anvers, blue silkie, black silkie
    Link to roo pics:
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    Phoenix-Buttercup crosses make for an interesting mix.

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