Cross Breeding and Agressive Turkey


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May 10, 2015
Hello everyone! I have a couple of questions. Last year (may 5th), we bought 3 turkeys. Cullman, Laverne, and Shirley. Cullman and Laverne are Bourbon Reds, while Shirley is an Eastern Wild Turkey. We own a small farm with lots of critters for the sheer pleasure of owning them. Our sweeties were so sweet growing up until our blue heeler puppy got a hold of Laverne. After scarcely making it
through shock, (and the hilarious reaction of our vet when we asked for turkey medicine), she recovered and became our sweet heart. Cullman however, thought we hurt her and became EXREMELEY aggressive. He attacks the pen it you walk by, and you cant go in without a shovel. It is getting out of hand now that Shirley is trying to hatch chicks. It is hard to care for her properly. Any tips?

As I mentioned, Shirley is hatching chicks. Today we saw them hatching so we left her alone. Later we went to check on her, and there was a dead chick halfway out of the egg. We got it out to try and save it like we did our duck (and we succeed) last year, but it was dead. We also notice that its feature were out of wack. Its feet were bigger than its head, one eye was higher that=n the other, one wing was like Nemo, and so on. Was this because of cross breeding? She was an EWT, and he was a BR.

The agressive bird if it was my farm would be dinner or rid of. Too many nice tempered birds to put up with that.

As far as poult being deformed it is not from crossbreeding. I have several mixed variety of poults running around.

Turkeys are all the same species. Just different genetics for color and size.

Hope the rest hatch out for you.

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