cross breeding?

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14 Years
Apr 19, 2009
I have 1 barred rock, 1 buff orpington & 2 silikies

I'm curious if one of the silkies is a roo and I keep it and eventually venture into having baby chicks naturally...would a silkie breed with a the BR or the BO? If so, what would that look like??? Any guesses? Anyone have a half silkie...if so will you post some pics???
they'll make good broodie, good size so they can cover a lot of eggs...

They will be crested, dark skinned, 5 toes, slight feather on legs, normal feathered.
You will get regular feathered offspring, with multiple toes (if the Silkie is pure), dark skin, and some feathering on the legs. The size will be intermediate, not as big as a standard. Hens from this cross should be good broodies.
if you don't get the silkie feathers on a mixed breed, then how would a bird with silkie feathers not be a pure bred???
Well let's see breed the offspring together and 25% should have silkie feathering. And they would still be only 1/2 silkie. Or breed one of the offspring to a silkie and half the offspring will be silkie feathered, but still only be 3/4 silkie.
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