Cross breeding


10 Years
Apr 21, 2009
If i cross breed my indian runners with mallards for royuens, will there off spring be sterile? Or could i breed there off spring to get young in the future.
The offspring will be fertile. Runners and Rouens are mallard derived breeds and carry the same chromosome number. Mallard or mallard derived breeds crossed on muscovies produce sterile offspring. (But they sure are good to eat!)
Having a hard time trying to imagine why you'd want to, but they'd be fertile.

A real Rouen drake might be a bit large and heavy for a Runner duck. I'd worry about her getting injured.
Im not really wanting to its more of a question of curiosity. More what if i did? Im prob not going to due to the concerns i was just curious to if anyone had before thats all.
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What do you mean "what if I did?" What if you sid what? Sorry im just a slight bot confused
Whats confusing? I was just curious to if i crossed my birds would they be sterile. I think my question has been answered now though so ty for the replies.

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