Cross suggestion for BA hens?


8 Years
Apr 26, 2011
I may end up having to add 2 roosters to my flock of hens and if I cant find BA roosters the right age (6 weeks now) i will get something else I can find locally. There are a lot of farms around so should have a good selection. Hopefully I find the BA's but just curious about idea if I cant. I want a good dual purpose bird, many would likely be used for meat. Thanks
are you talking about a Blue Andy not sure what a BA is I have a Blue Andy Roo that needs a good home he's about 10 weeks old but has been raised with younger chicks
Since you said dual purpose birds, I'm assuming you're talking about Australorps. If you can't find a Black Australorp rooster, any other dual purpose breed would work. They'd be mixed, of course, but you'd still get the nice body size and good egg production as long as you kept using dual purpose breeds. I have 2 Buff Orpington hens, and they're fairly large, so maybe an Orpington rooster would work. Wyandottes would also be a good choice or something like a Rhode Island Red or Barred Rock.

Where are you located? I have a 1 yr. old rooster that I'm fairly certain is a combo of some type of layer/dual purpose breeds that I've been trying to rehome for a while, hence why I feel the need to find a way to insert him into as many responses as possible.
I'd agree that about any dual purpose breed would work. The ones I would look for are Delaware, New Hampshire, any of the Rocks or Wyandottes, Sussex, or Orpington. I'm sure I am forgetting some good candidates. I'd tend to stay away from the Brahma and Jersey Giants because they are so slow to mature.
any sugesstions for introducing them at this age? is it a big deal when they are this young? I found some Australorp roosters the same age. Will there be fighting at this age? the flock is super peaceful right now
At six weeks I don't think there should be much fighting. I mean, they'll still have to figure out who is boss of who, that always happens. But it shouldn't be anything major.
cool. picked them up today and they are in a crate in with the others. Figure I'll give them a little to see and hear each other first and put them together tomorrow maybe.

they did fine a little squabble between mine and one new guy lasted 5 seconds and all is well

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