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    Last night I bought a bunch of 2-3 week old chicks from a lady and didn't pay much attention to what she was saying until I got home. I'm fairly new to chickens but am well versed in what chicken is what, certian characteristics that define a breed, etc etc, so I feel comfortable enough saying I know quite a bit about chickens but some of the things she said confused me.

    Her description and what she thought an Ameraucana was, was actually that of an Easter egger and hers you could tell weren't pure. Not saying anything bad about Easter eggs, I actually love them (have a lot too) but when it comes to breeding any variety of chicken and you want the real stuff, not crosses. Anyway, we bought some Austrolop X Maran crosses, Ameraucana crosses, and Cherry eggers, RIR x new hampshire crosses. There was another cross that we bought some of and I could of swore the name of the chicken was Barnevelder. They were crossed with Maran. She kept saying that the breed came into the us in 2013 and was fairly new, so is it new? I happen to have 2 double laced black Barnevelders and don't know much on thier background. If it isn't the BV, then which chicken is she referring to? The only other breed with a b name that I can think off the top of my head is Brabanter and they are definitely not Brabanter crosses.
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    Maybe Bielefelder. Somehwere I heard they are a newer breed to the U.S. and are somewhat rare.
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    Thanks, that is the one she was talking about. I am going to look into them more when I get home.
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