Crossing Cuckoo or Copper Black and other colors


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I am a complete novice when it comes to chicken color genetics, although I have a good understanding of genetics in rabbits and sheep..

Is there a website that shows the genotypes for colors and discusses dominant and recessive genes and other interactions?

I've become intrigued by the idea of crossing a Marans rooster with Easter Eggers.. Egg colors aside, I was curious if Cuckoo or Copper Black would yield the most colorful offspring? For more color variety I'm guessing that using a dilute color rooster, like a blue, would yield the most colorful chicks?

What happens when Cuckoo is crossed with Copper Black? Cuckoo crossed with laced pattern?

Is it possible to get blue cuckoo?
I got a few EE chicks by Cuckoo Marans roos before I got rid of all the cuckoos. They were cute. But NOTHING like as cute as the BC Marans x EE chicks I've hatched! I've got a while to wait to see how they look as adults, but here are some...


The one on the left here is out of a blue EE egg--the other one is out of a Buff Orpington hen, by BC Marans.


I dont know that I would cross to get Blue Cuckoo Marans when you could just buy pures if that was what you wanted. There have been posts of BCM crossed with Ameraucanas and EE and they seem just as lovely and sweet as the parents they come from. You are going to have a genetic wildcard with the EE's though, if you find something you really want to reproduce BUT that is always the fun surprise with EE's.
I crossed Cuckoos with Blue Ameraucanas and got the most darling Blue and Black Bearded Cuckoos. I assume they will be Olive Eggers and will do the next generation blue x blue.
Here is a wee chick pic blk on top and blue bottom

As they are growing out they are keeping the Blue Cuckoo in diff degrees depending on the bird, but it is really really pretty.

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