Crowing at 12:30 am.. UGH


11 Years
May 3, 2008
My roosters were crowing early this morning and they never do that. Is that a normal thing that can happen or do you think something might have spooked them? As far as I know they have never been crowing in the middle of the night.
We have Banties who crow all night . Thankfully we have no close neighbors. Our larger roosters don't seem to crow as much.At least not until With the banties on one side and the larger chickens on the other we have crowing contests all day long.I have finally gotten used to the crowing at night now i only hear it if i happen to get during the night.Maybe yours is answering another crazy rooster.
I would guess that something was spooking them and the crowing was an attempt to scare it off. If you hear that again it maybe time to get up and check. I would reevaluate your predator protection and make sure there are no vulnerable spots. Good Luck!

You are right about living in Maine! I was up there this summer. It is the way life should be for sure.
Mine crow any time they feel like it, day or night. They are young and recently started, so I think they like to get in extra "practice"
I have 3 roosters and the one that was crowing is an experienced crower. This is the only time he has done this in the middle of the night. Weird. I guess I had better pay close attention to them.
Usually, that means that something spooked him enough to alert the hens. MAYBE, he was just showing off his newly obtained crowing skills.
Have you recently installed a dusk to dawn light or leaving a porch light or something on the rooster can see?

Years ago at the place I use to live we had a dusk to dawn light installed and this sent the roosters into crowing heaven. They never crowed in the middle of the night until the dusk to dawn light was installed. At the time the coop was close to the house so we installed black out curtains on the coop windows.
Well I do have a light out there in the chicken house for my babies. They are penned off in their own portion. They are going on 7 weeks old, but it's been getting so chilly here in
Maine I leave the light on. The light has been out there for about 3 weeks now and that was the first night they crowed. They haven't crowed in the middle of the night since.
Maybe they did get spooked. I always wondered if they would make a noise in the middle of the night if there was some sort of predator coming in or anything like that.

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