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    Feb 21, 2012
    Hello BYC community! First I wanted to say thank you, I've been following you for years and have received quite a bit of good advice from this forum, but this is the first time that I’ve started my own thread.

    I have three chickens, about three years old who have all been very consistent layers. About four months ago they all stopped laying which we initially attributed to changes in their environment (they got a new habitat and unfortunately had to live through the actual construction of it J), Two of them have started laying again although it has been inconsistent (which we were chalking up to winter since we don’t hang lamps), the third not only stopped laying completely, but at about that four month time did a phenomenal full molt. Then about a month ago she started crowing, not normal chicken noises but honest to goodness pre dawn crowing. She is definitely the dominant bird and has been since day one, she is also the only one who goes broody and does so annually and with a vengence. So I guess I’m wondering, will things ever go back to normal, or is it time to start fresh? I have to admit, I’m a little concerned, we are zoned for chickens but not for roosters.

    Thank you in advance for any advice!

    Oh yeah, in case it matters, they are an Ameracauna, a Barred Rock, and a Black Australorp. The Black one is my problem child

    Thanks again!.
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    [​IMG] It's normal for chickens to stop laying in the winter. Mine had staggered molts in the fall through winter and now two out of the four have begun laying again. It is said that they need 14 hours of light to lay. I don't supplement with light, so two of mine must need a bit less light. Anyway, I'd be patient with regard to eggs.

    The crowing hen? Don't know. I've heard that it can happen. Hopefully someone who has experience that will chime in.

    Oh, I just read that yours are three years old. People have different views and experience with aging chickens laying. They may slow down a bit.
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