Crowing, Crowing, and more crowing

Mrs. Chicken

11 Years
Aug 22, 2008
My roosters will not stop crowing. They crow at any loud noise, when someone enters the backyard, when they want to eat, when they want me to come on the backporch, yes they are spoiled. They all stand at the back door and look in for me and crow. I have 2 roosters (by mistake) and 8 hens. Is this behavior normal? I live in a very quiet area and last night at 10:45pm the larger one started to crow. Help. I really hate to get rid of them but they are driving me crazy and I know my neighbors also.
If the roosters crowing bothers you or your neighbors it sounds like you haven't much choice but to get rid of them. One very important reason for having chickens is the fun of raising them. If the roosters lessen the enjoyment, remove them before the problem escalates. I'm having to do the same thing myself over the weekend. Good luck.
From what I understand, if you have more than one rooster, you will have more crowing because they are also crowing at each other. Also, it sounds like you've been rewarding them for their crowing by coming out on demand... So the first step would be to stop doing that, and then perhaps move one rooster on to another farm? I'm not sure really, just an idea. I only have one roo and he crows to call his hens, at dawn, and when they are moving to another territory, and then to secure that territory. Luckily, my neighbor likes it... reminds him of his childhood, which is always nice at 87. He actually crows back at "Moon".

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