Crowing frequency -- nature or nurture?

Should I introduce his genes?

  • No, he'll pass it on.

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  • Yes. It's a learned or individual thing and his offspring won't be any more likely to crow.

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Apr 2, 2012
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I have been looking to start breeding my own line of a breed that is particularly rare in the region but have been having a bugger of a time finding a good quality rooster. FINALLY find one. Yay! He has not shut up since he's been here. I truthfully do not know how he has not starved to death or when he sleeps. Even locking him in a crate in a pitch black room does not shut him up. I already hate him with a passion. My husband has changed his name from "MBD" (Might Be Dinner) to just "Dinner". I would cull him in a heartbeat except he's gorgeous. I've had roosters who crowed more than I like, but nothing approaching this guy or as incredibly loud (including in this breed).

I'm debating if I should go ahead and hatch eggs with his genes or not. On the one hand, he should produce some nice offspring and if I don't use him, I'm pretty much stuck waiting until next spring. On the other, if there is a genetic component to the amount a rooster crows, I do NOT want this introduced to my flock.

He did come from a place with a lot of other roosters & I've noticed that they seem to crow more when there are multiple roos where they can see/hear each other. But if that's all it is, how long should it take him to shut the $#!*@! up?


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I'm not sure if this is a case of him crowing like crazy because he's finally got his own flock or what, but what you might try if you really really want to use him and just cannot get him to shut up is a rooster collar. They go around the neck and don't stop the bird from eating or drinking but DO prevent full volume crowing. It's worth a try if he's really gorgeous, right? :lol: Here is where you can buy one. I know they sell them elsewhere too but I can't remember where. Sorry I can't help on the genetic front, but at least this way you might be able to get some peace and quiet while you figure it out!
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What breed is he?
How long have you had him?
How are you housing him?
Has he been introduced to the hens yet?

It could just be new place stress.

Maybe get a few of his fertile eggs before inviting him to dinner, hatch them out and see what happens?
Might be the only way to answer your question is to experiment.

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