Crowing pullet & Silkie questions...


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Sep 28, 2014
We have three pullets we got about 2 months ago. 1 easter-egger (we think), barred rock, and a silver wyandotte. This morning when my silkie roo was crowing, we heard somebody else crowing. We went outside to see who it was, and only our 3 year old rhode island red was outside in the yard. We then thought it was our silkie pullet.... but now I think it was the silver wyandotte.. this after-noon I was inside and heard someone crowing, and I knew it wasn't my roo. I went outside and the Silver wy was standing on a cement brick (in the chicken yard/run), attempting to crow, or thinking about it anyway.. I watched for a couple minutes but didn't hear anything. On my profile pick is my silkie pullet. She hasen't been showing ANY rooster behavior, and I am 99% sure she's female, but still not certain..
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It would be most helpful if you took some clear shots of the bird (ie a head shot *and* a nice side profile showing the entire bird) and posted them in the thread. The profile pic you reference is not really helpful for gender assessment. I would take shots of all the birds.
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