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    Jan 30, 2011
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    I have two chicks that are 4-5 months old. The oldest, was named Hershey, cause I was told it was a black Marans pullet. We have since changed the name to He-She, cause I keep getting told it is a marans cockerel (both are) and then I was told, no it is a marans pullet, then I was told, no they are pullets, but they arent marans, maybe cochin crosses.

    So Anyway, if they are little cockerels, when will they crow? There has been no attempt. They have the fluffiest bottoms and still not hackle feathers. If they are roos, I wish they would just crow so there would be no doubt at all.
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    I hate it when my pets " Change " Gender!

    I think " He-she " Is a good Name, no?
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    They will crow when they want to. My wellie rooster started crowing at 4 DAYS old. Others haven't crowed until 14 weeks. It's an individual thing. Just listen to what sounds like someone strangling a trombone player. [​IMG]
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    that is a good answer as im trying to work it all out too.
    two i=of mine i put pictures of on here was told male and they have started honkinglike a hornsadly they get a new home next week.
    my third i have been told may be a boy also but so far sounds like gizmo of thegremelins and sings all day its a very nice noise
    -- the three are only 10 weeks old!

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