Crushing chicken feed?

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    I got a bag of bird feed with 25% protein for my 10 day old turkey poult ( highest protein there is around here) an its to hard to eat even for my big chickens.... I'm feeding it chick starter for now ( not medicated) at 18% because its living with my new 10 day old chicken... So I have this special blender that could grind this hard feed up into dust... If I grind it all up an mix is with the chick starter so the chick starter gots the high protein "dust" all over it would the turkey get the protein from the grinded feeds by eating the chick starter with the dust in it????
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    Mar 10, 2013
    Hi just yesterday I was at the feed store. I wanted turkey feed. They only had medicated, so I end up getting a bag of game feed, a bag of soybean meal and a bag of scratch. I ground the scratch in my grain mill. Then reading the back of game feed label I mixed the 3 by weight this gives 30% protein. (The game feed is not a complete feed alone)

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