Crusty eyes when first noticed


10 Years
Mar 19, 2009
Here are the specifics.

I have 13 chickens in a 6x4 coop, they free range 1/2 hour every morning and 1 hour every night, Sat and Sun they are out all day if they want to be.
They have an enclosed run of 240 sq. ft. with both shade from trees and sun in open areas. the floor of the run is mostly sand, I live in Florida.

About 2-3 days ago I noticed some crusting on one of the Welsumers (all chickens are 6 months old) eye. They had just come off 8 days of oxytetracycline for a respiratory infection, all seemed to recover.

I started treating more heavily with fogging of the chickens with Oxine, which I had been doing nightly with a very light fogging. Yesterday I also put prescription bacitracin/polymixin-b/neomicin ointment in each eye.

To the present: Still just that Welsumer, her eyes are much clearer but she is now stumbling and has very little activity.

I was advised by a friend here that it could be fowl pox and that the oxytetracycline needs to be continued.

What's your guess?

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