Cuckoo, Crele Brahma?


Feb 26, 2018
Islamabad, Pakistan
I'm posting these links here for experts to contemplate and tell me what this breed actually is... i was told it is cuckoo crele brahma... is this correct?

One video is of the chicks & the other is of the parents.

need comments on whether or not this was said correctly...
Really can't tell much from the videos.
First there isn't any thing called "cuckoo crele" and brahmas don't come in the actual "crele" pattern. Crele is barring one duckwing. What theyre calling crele in brahma is barring on partridge.
The adult video.... Rooster is crele. One hen appears to be. Other hen possibility but couldn't see her well enough.
You juvenile video..... The one appears he could be. The other two do not appear to be.

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