Cuckoo Maran chick keeps pecking larger Color Pack


May 3, 2020
Brightwood, Oregon
I just got a new batch of chicks from Coastal last week. 2 color packs and 2 cuckoo Marans. They were older so I got a good deal. They cuckoo marans shared a bin with some larger novagens at Coastal, one of the three marans kept pecking th neck of a bigger lighter novagen. There has been no pecking up until last night so I thought I got lucky and didn’t get the pecker. I was wrong!

The cuckoo maran is the smallest of the chicks and keeps obsessively pecking the neck of my largest chick. I have red light, plenty of room to escape heat of and the brooder is about 5’x3’ so I believe they have plenty of room. Any ideas to get this cuckoo to stop pecking Thanks!


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