Cuckoo Maran egg laying problems? 1 dead, 1 w bald vent - please help!

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    Oct 28, 2009
    I had 3 cuckoo maran hens, 5 months old, all apparently quite healthy. I don't think I've gotten any eggs from them yet, because I haven't seen them in the nesting boxes. I found one dead in the coop 3 mornings ago, with a bloody pulpy vent but otherwise appeared just fine (well, except for being dead, that is). Today I noticed one of the remaining 2 has an exposed vent that was contracting and had the nearby feathers plucked away. I held her and gently felt around her lower abdominal area and didn't feel anything alarming. These are my favorite hens out of the bunch (I also have 6 white leghorns, 6 black minorcas and 6 rhode island reds) so I'm really hoping someone can help me figure this out - I don't want to lose another one.

    She's eating fine, behaving normal. I did cut the cracked corn out of their diet after reading several posts here (I was mixing it about 50/50 with their layer food) and now they are eating 95% layer food with treats such as yard greens, yogurt, and also some oyster shell, but I just made that change this past week. No unusual poops noted.

    Any ideas? Do you think it's egg related or do they pluck around the vent for other reasons?? Any ideas regarding the dead hen?


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    Nov 15, 2009
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    I don't have any advice...just wanted to boot it up since I didn't see any responses...hope someone can help
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    Sad! I'm not sure but since both have issues around their vents, it's either from straining to lay, or straining due to intestinal parasites. Since they are of age to start laying, you probably should treat for both situations.

    For possible egg-bound: I would increase their warmth and humidity, encourage fluid intake, supply them with calcium (egg shells, oyster, whatever you choose,) and lube the vent with a little KY-type jelly.

    For intestinal parasites: deworm all of the hens (most people here start with Wazine (piperazine) and then move to ivermectin if needed.)

    Good luck!
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    I only respond because I have a young Marans (don't forget the "S")
    with similar trouble. She's about 7 month old now and laid a few eggs in September
    but only soft shelled ones since - and I have done it all - vitamins suppliments, oyster shell mixed with rations,
    yogurt, change of layer brand - still no proper eggs.

    She's always been a calm quiet hen so I can't say she's acting strangely.

    Last week was the yukkiest - there was no rubber membrane and it poured out of her.

    I've had to bathe her in the jaccuzzi to get yolk off her poor dear didn't even fuss.
    She is a Cuckoo and her feathers are brown and dingy and I was assuming this was a molt
    but since Septemeber? She has a strip of feathers going down her middle underside but on either side of that
    are bald - so where the inside leg touches her abdomin.
    I've been debating if she has a mite problem, or just very young and having laying trouble.
    I worry about giving her meds if she doesn't need them.

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