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    Does the size of the white spot on the back of a chick indicate sex? I have one chick that I cannot determine. He has more white than my determined pullets who are almost completely black, yet my other males are considerably more silver and have developed combs. This one's comb is still small like the pullets. It has a large white spot on the back of it's head. Can this indicate anything? Thanks!
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    Gosh I wish I could be of more help. The only one's that I know of that would have the white spot on the top of their heads would be the Sex Link Chicks. You have me curious now as well.
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    Generally, head spots don't indicate a particular sex in Cuckoo Marans -the overall coloring does. So generally, if one is uniformly lighter than the others chances are it's a male.

    I have two Cuckoo pullets (gorgeous girls!) and as chicks they both had white spots on their heads, chests, etc. but were dark overall.

    Afraid I can't help with Silver or Gold Cuckoos, but from the description it sounds like you might have a cockeral. Can you post a pic, that would really help? [​IMG]

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