cuckoo marans


6 Years
Mar 26, 2013
Midwest City, OK
I recently bought 10 cuckoo maran chicks from a feed store. They had ordered them from a hatchery. When I picked them up, they didn't have feathers on their feet. I just sold some French Cuckoo Marans I had raised from chicks and they had feathers on their feet. I questioned the Feed store owner before I brought the new chicks home and was told that all cuckoo marans didn't have feathers on their feet. Anyone out their know for sure. I thought all marans had feathers on their feet.
Went yesterday to pick up fertilized eggs for our broody hen and purchased 4 Black Copper Marans eggs. The guy had a great setup with multiple pens of French BCM and all the ones he had were feather footed. He said his were French and that they would all have feather feet so I would think a true French Black Copper Marans would have the feathers on their feet. His week old chicks also all had the feathering so my guess would be 50/50 on actual Marans. I had a guy give me the same story my first go at raising chicks and I heard the same thing from other that they should all have feathered feet. Once you raise won't really matter:)
Thanks for the info. I have raised several French Black Copper Marans and 6 French Cuckoo Marans. They all had feathered feet. I actually bought the last French Cuckoo Marans from a feed store who ordered them from a hatchery. I'm sure when they start laying eggs I'll know for sure. I don't think the feed store intentionally sold me the wrong chickens. I think the hatchery sent them the wrong ones. Thanks again for your response.

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