Cuddle time.

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Aug 2, 2011
Snohomish, WA
Just wondering how everyone else pets their chickens. I like to put my fingers under the feathers around their neck and "scratch" them, they seem to like it, but then I saw a friend of mine pick up her hens and pet the hens waddles and I thought that was weird, but her chicken seemed to like it. I tried to do it on one of my birds and she didnt seem to like it so much.
What do you guys do to make your chickens purr?
I pet different ones different ways. My ornery silkie roo gets a head and back scratch, my Welsummer gets a neck, wattle and soft beak stroke. My Delaware gets petted on the back and along her comb. Some of them just get carried around and held close, or I'll rest my hand on their back. One sits on my shoulder. I think that chickens are a lot like people, and different ones like different things.
Yep, each of mine have different ways they like to cuddle. My EE and Red sex link are the easiest to hold and cuddle, maybe b/c they are smaller than the others. My EE will let me hold her and she lays her head on my arm and just relaxes! The red sex link has been cuddled by my kids since she was a chick and doesn't seem to mind all the handling the kids give. Then I have 1 (have no idea what she is, looks like a buff Orp but has some dark tips on her hackle feathers). She doesn't like to be petted or handled very much. The other 2 just depends on the day. I try to handle them all at least 1x a day so they are used to it!

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