Cull or not??


Mar 29, 2015
This "hernia" type thing showed up on this lil guy over night, he was the first to hatch and looked fine other than being tired.. his yolk was fully absorbed, membrane looked great, so I have no clue what could have caused it. I just dont want him suffering if this is going to kill him and theres no chance of him surviving it..
Ok..ive tried both mobile and desktop versions and my pic will not load. .it is a dime sized red veiny 'ball' coming from chicks umbilical area. .he has passed a runny pretty normal looking poo....the thing is not bleeding, but it looks like some type of prolapse. .
Im going to do some more research but was hoping for experienced opinions..
Unless it is coming from the vent, it is not a prolapse. It may be a hernia if it is the umbilical area. These things seem to be very common in chicks , perhaps from fluctuating temperatures during incubation. Mny of the chicks die, but you could cover it with a bandaid spot so that it doesn't get injured and bleed, or get pecked. It may absorb on it's own. If it is intestines poking out, then it could be very bad. Good luck.
I can't really tell what's in the sac, but it's definitely coming from the umbilical area.. I have him in a little cage of sorts, on a dry paper towel bc he hadn't dried at all since hatch .. main concern was other chicks picking at is veiny, so figure a good peck would cause some decent bleeding. .I guess I'll just leave him alone and hope for the best..if it gets worse I'll cull.. hate loosing them, but on the bright side I have another 40 some eggs going into the hatcher over the next few days..

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