Culling Question - Sad Day in the Handbasket Household

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    We have come to the decision that, after repeated health problems and repeated treatments that don't seem to be working, it is time to cull 2 of our girls, as they are obviously suffering more than not. Martha's sick/abscessed again, and Rhoda has a dislocated hip and is in so much pain that she groans and makes a horrible, painful noise with every step. You can see the misery in their eyes. You can totally see the pain in Rhoda's eyes & it's heart-wrenching. It's time.

    So we are probably going to do it today. It's really hard--it's our first time having to do this. Is there any way to render them unconscious first? (Wish there was a way to render ME unconscious first so I don't remember it afterward.) We saw a picture once of a makeshift humane kill-cone that someone made by cutting the ends out of an old bleach bottle & nailing it to a post. We could always make one out of something else, I guess. We just want it to be as quick and painless for our girls as possible. Any advice, help here PLEASE would be appreciated.

    Once the deed is done, they'll be buried next to Felipa out back, who got eggbound and died on Halloween. They are all part of the original flock of 5--of those 5, only 1 is completely healthy and doing well. I'm sure glad the guy I got 'em from is out of business now.

    Thank you all in advance.
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    If I was in your position, I suppose I'd use a killing cone. Actually, I'd have my husband use it [​IMG]. I've read about using really well sharpened pruning shears to totally lob the head off in one snip, which sounded very quick/merciful to me. Sorry you have to do this, but it definitely sounds like it'll be an act of kindness on your part [​IMG]

    And yes, any plastic funnelish container nailed up (on a tree or wherever) should work fine.
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  3. Katy

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    I use my 22 on adult birds.
  4. scgamecock

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    Gunslinger Katy [​IMG]
  5. Katy

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    Quote:Nope [​IMG]....just quicker and less messy for me.
  6. ChooksChick

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    We use a heavily soaked rag of Starter Fluid or Carb Cleaner- it's just ether. We put them in a Rubbermaid tub and put the rag in- I make hubby do it, rather.

    I can't hack it.
  7. Katy

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    Quote:I do that with small chicks, but haven't ever tried it with an adult hen.
  8. PeakyBeaky

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    Sep 27, 2010
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    A friend told me she has her hubby uses car exhaust(he holds their heads by the exhaust)...they just go to sleep. Sorry you have to go through all this.
  9. HHandbasket

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    The 22 would certainly be quicker, though I think discharging a firearm where I live would get me in more trouble than it's worth. Hubby and I are going to do this deed together because he loves these birds as much as I do. When it comes to the chickens, you'd never know he's a big burly manly-man with chest hair and power tools (LOL).

    I think we may have some starter fluid and some old rags. Do you just put it in the tub with the chook, close the lid, and wait for her to go to sleep? How long does it take?
  10. scgamecock

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    Quote:Nope [​IMG]....just quicker and less messy for me.

    Where do you aim?

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