culling silkie chicks?????

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    I would like to know the order you would rank these qualities when making the first cull on silkie chicks. Which is more important? large vault, toe spacing or color of skin on feet? I had a chick hatch today with a huge vault but its toe spacing was not the greatest nor was the color of the feet. They were gray more than black. I had another chick that did not have any vault but had great toe spacing and very black feet. Which chick would you keep? I don't have a lot of space so I have to cull hard on what I decide to keep for showing and breeding and sell the rest as chicks. How do you decide which to keep? Thanks
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  3. Hi! I don't show Silkies, but here are a few thoughts...
    Non-vaulted chicks can grow great crests.
    The color of feet can change / darken with age.
    I don't *think* position / spacing of toes can change.

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    I would NEVER cull a young chick unless it has an obvious DQ such as 9 toes. Spacing actually does change somewhat with age but more importantly, judges don't give a hoot about the toe spacing as long as they have the correct number of toes. That would be the last reason I would cull.
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    Jan 31, 2008
    Quote:I agree with gator, or I cull if they have a single comb
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    Quote:I agree with gator, or I cull if they have a single comb

    I totall agree with that also.

    I don't cull for or against vaults. Personally I don't care if they have a vault or not. Non-vaulted birds can/will get just as big a crest as vaulted birds.

    Here is a good article about just how important toe spacing really is, not really.

    : Also, if the chicks hatch and don't have the greatest toe/leg feathering, I sell those off locally as pets.
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    At this point in time, they are too young to cull. I have had some that looked like they had a mohawk when they were chicks end up with the most beautiful crest! As far as toes, I agree with the above posts. As long as they have their 5 toes, wait awhile. No need to hurry....[​IMG]

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