Cures to boost egg production back up?

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    Dec 29, 2007
    A few months ago, my ladies got some chronic respiratory disease that was mild, but caused them to stop laying for a few months. They have since recovered (a few still have occasional sniffles, but can't be treated). They went thru a light molt, then about 1/2 started laying again (finally!) I now have about 20 out of 30 laying (I get about 15-18 eggs a day). I am getting the same eggs each day from the same chickens, so i know that the ones that are laying are laying nearly every day, and the others aren't laying at all (it helps to have brown, blue, and white eggs!)
    There must be something I can give them to boost their immunity???? Like vitamins? Or some holistic chicken diet? Their feed is good, high protein, free-range, etc. I think it's mostly my auracanas that aren't laying (I have 6 blue layers and only get 1 blue egg a day). These ladies are only 12 months old, so they should be producing very well.
    I know it's the myoplasma or the Chronic Respiratory disease that's caused this and some say there is nothing i can do, but I am hoping for the immune booster to help. Cuz half of them are fine, so why aren't the rest?[​IMG]
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    AviaCharge 2000 is a great avian supplement. You buy that online but if you cant find it, Poly-Vi-Sol without iron, the baby vitamin is good. 3 drops in the beak once a day per bird. Good quality protein and yogurt are what I recommend. Other than that, not much to do except let them get built back up.
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    The vitamin idea is a great idea!! I have also heard, but cant swear by, that feeding them crushed red peppers (the dry flaky ones from the spice isle in the store) on their feed for a couple days in a row will get their system back up and running. I think it may be a myth but it worked twice for me, but didnt work a few other times for me. I think it may have been a coincidence that it worked, lol. Either way, it wont hurt them and is actually good for chickens. Good luck.
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    Lazy Girl I hope this will help. When my chickens went thru a similar problem I contacted Dr Brown, a Vet in VA that treats chickens. To boost their immunity he advised me to sprinkle tumeric on their feed. He said it is a natural immune booster in chickens. To this day whenever I have chickens that are not quite up to par I do this. Works for me and you might want to give it a try.

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