Curious about hatcheries.

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    Also, NPIP website is searchable by state -there is a pictorial map to click by state. This opens up a document. You can scroll thru to see if any hatcheries or NPIP breeders near you, driveable distance. Codes on the right side of this doc will list the breeds they have - the key to these breed codes is in a link on the left side of the webpage under “stock codes”.
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    Another idea for the ones that require more chicks to ship and most will this time of year in the US,depending on where you and they are located, is to talk to other Chicken people in your area, we did a combined order to meet their minimum requirements and everyone got what they wanted as it doesn't have to be all the same breeds.
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    Adult birds are very expensive to ship (like 3X the price of the bird). You should really try and find some local if possible.

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