Curious about my duck eggs in my bator

Discussion in 'Incubating & Hatching Eggs' started by coachhaze60, Jan 26, 2009.

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    I placed 10 duck eggs in my bator after I lost 2 of my Muscovy hens on the same day. I mixed runner and muscovy eggs in the bator. I have candled them and as yet haven't seen any veining. The bator's temp is hovering at 100 and the eggs were cleaned thoroughly prior to placing them inside. This is my 1st time doing this. How do I know if the eggs are still viable now, they have been inside the bator for about a week. I have a turner in the bator and that is working fine. How do I measure the humidiy in the bator , too? As you can see I need lots of advice or answers. The eggs are not stinky so I take it that that is a good sign.

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    I buy a hygrometer at wal-mart in the indoor/outdoor thermometer section. It will give you a digital temp and humidity reading. That's what I use for incubation to tell humidity.

    I think you should see something after 7 days in duck eggs if the temp has been good/correct, but if you're new at candling, I'd wait longer.

    Mine were on 7 days yesterday, but my temps have been so sporadic that I'm not throwing anything out, yet.

    Good luck!


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