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    Jul 18, 2016
    Last week I decided to change up the birds feed..I been feeding OMI feed, 16% protein.
    Since I have good young roosters doing their job, I decided to go with sporting bird feed and starter feed for new chicks, turkeys and the rest of my has a 28% protein.
    I figured it's better all around, with their wheat, scratch and fresh veggies, and herbs they get three times a week..
    Question: Will the higher protein in their feed and greens cause the colour of their eggs to lighten in colour.?
    My hens all laid dark and medium brown eggs, they are all free range,and enjoy fresh organic collards and spinach three times a week or more..lately I noticed the eggs are a lighter brown in colour, some almost beige/tan..does anyone have any info why.?
    I'm thinking maybe the protein change with fresh field of barley and wheat I planted in March along with the feed change...the eggs are still awesome and tasty, no complaints just wondering why the colour changes...
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