Curious egg laying question!


Mar 12, 2013
New Jersey
Hey All,

I have a question that may have been asked or answered, but I would like some opinions nonetheless. I am wondering, does a hen that starts laying encourage the other hens around her to begin laying. I have 5 hens, and about a month ago one of them began laying eggs, the next day, the other 2 started, followed by another bird two days later. A few of the birds are sisters, but the first layer and second layer were not related. It just has me very curious! Did one hen laying somewhat influence the other chickens, or do chickens just take their time and lay whenever, and I just got super lucky that all my birds started up!?! Maybe some people on BYC have had similar experiences? Thanks!
My sex link is roughly 4 or 5 weeks older than my orpingtons, yet they all layed eggs within three days of each other. I guess it is just a weird, but lucky, coincidence!

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